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Learning to Fly
South Carolina Aeronautical Training Center
Trident Technical College
North Charleston, South Carolina
Unveiling February 2024

As children, we are taught simple aerodynamics through the creation of paper airplanes. As curiosity heightens, we learn more in-depth principles of aeronautics and flight mechanics. This playful piece follows that trail of imagination and wonder from the early years, to a more focused understanding of science with education and training.


Future, Aeronautics, Opportunity, Horizon, Energetic, Care-free, Colorful


This installation is comprised of nearly 100 cast and rotocast poly-vitro paper airplanes, clouds and model airplanes. The paper airplanes were made from hand carved wood models. The clouds were fabricating by pouring resin in a mold in a in-house built rotocasting machine. And the model airplanes were created from actual models which each have a particular meaning to me or the facility. From planes and helicopters that my family flew to Boeing aircraft that are fabricated here in Charleston.


Below are just a few snapshots from a lengthy and educational design, fabricate and install process.. A full presentation of the work will be presented during the unveiling in February of 2024. A huge thank you to everyone involved in completing the installation!

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